Social Media Guidelines

I. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for staff, consultants, volunteers, members, stakeholders, and affiliated groups. This policy covers the conduct and expectations, policies, audiences, definitions, standards, guidelines & examples for employees and the public when participating in “Zorouster Private Limited” social media or social networking platforms. Zorouster must ensure the use of social media communications maintain our brand, identity, integrity, and reputation while minimizing legal risks, inside or outside of the workplace. Social Media can move quickly and be challenging and is to be used to convey information about company products and services, promote and raise awareness of Zorouster brand, search for potential new markets, communicate with employees and customers to brainstorm, issue or respond to breaking news or negative publicity, and discuss corporate, business-unit and department-specific activities and events.

II. Definitions

Social Media: Social media or social networking includes all forms of online publishing and discussion, including but not limited to: blogs, wikis, file‐sharing, user‐generated video and audio, social networks and other social networking applications. At present, many organizations are fully engaged with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, and most intend to embrace all new social media environments that may appear in the future.

III. Company Policy & Guidelines

1. Authorized users:

Employees must be authorized by Zorouster manager, based on employee job responsibilities, to engage in work-time social media sites.

All employees must identify themselves as employees of Zorouster or their affiliation and expertise when posting to Zorouster social media.

2. Content guidelines:

For social media including Zorouster, content must be relevant, meet specified goals or purposes and add value to the Zorouster brand.

Any copyrighted or confidential information requires written or verbal authorization Zorouster before it can be published and should be properly attributed.

All content must conform to all appropriate laws and regulations, as well as guidelines adopted by and governing the industry, such as privacy laws.

Content must be polite and respectful. All messaging should maintain the same tone as if interacting with someone in person on behalf of the organization.

3. Editorial control:

Zorouster is authorized to remove any content that does not meet the rules and guidelines of the aforementioned policy or maybe illegal or offensive. Removal of such information will be done without the permission of the author or warning.

Zorouster expects all public users (non-employees, non-members, non-stakeholders) to abide by all guidelines of the company policy mentioned above and Zorouster reserves the right to take the same action as mentioned above in removing offensive or illegal content.

Social media comments from public users that require a response will be addressed in a timely but thoughtful, and respectful manner.

III. Personal Rules & Guidelines

Employees are expected to follow the guidelines and policies set forth below to provide a clear line between you as the individual and you as the employee of Zorouster.

Social networking sites have blurred the line between private and public activity. In many ways, today’s social media pages have replaced the written letters of the past but are more visible. Your social media posts—even if you intend them to be solely personal messages to your friends or family—can be easily circulated beyond your intended audience. This content, therefore, represents you and the organization to the outside world.

Employees will be held personally liable for any commentary that is considered defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libelous by any offended party up to and including, Zorouster when on company’s time or using company computers or company-supplied devices.

Employees are prohibited from harassing, discriminating or disparaging against any employee or anyone affiliated with or doing business with Zorouster.

Employees are prohibited from posting the company's name, trademark or logo or any company-privileged information, including but not limited to: copyrighted information or company-issued documents unless authorized by Zorouster.

Employees are prohibited from promoting personal projects or endorsing other brands, causes or opinions without the use of a disclaimer to separate employee’s personal uses with those of Zorouster.

Employees shall use discretion in responding to public users through social media and use a respectful and courteous tone.

III. Enforcement

Violations of the above policy will be enforced under current employee personnel policies regarding personal conduct, supervisory discipline, reprimand, performance evaluation and/or employment termination.